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Good morning everyone! I have been so behind on my blogging for a multitude of reasons! Mostly camera problems and lighting but I’ve also been busy getting back into school! So today is my “dedicated to blogging day!” and I’m going to try to get a ton of posts done for the week to come and for today! 🙂

First up is a couple of my newly favourite blushes! One of these blushes is another item from Pammy at Pammy Blogs Beauty and our makeup swap! I had never tried Maybelline blushes before but I know she loves this blush and anted to share it with me too! 🙂
This is the blush that Pammy sent me! It’s Maybelline Expert Wear Blush in Sweet Cinnamon. This is a gorgeous shade that I think would look great on so many skin tones! It has an amazing shimmer/sheen to it that in no way looks glittery or overly sparkly! It is also a great shade that is hard to describe – It is definitely more of a peach but has a pink undertone to make it good for everyone! I don’t have many peach toned blushes so I was very happy to get this one! I usually go for more pink tones but I’m starting to realize that peaches can look just as great on my skin tone!
This is the blush I picked up after falling in love with my first Maybelline blush! This is Maybelline Expert Wear Blush in Plushed Plum. This one is infinitely different from the Sweet Cinnamon blush! This colour is matte but with enough sheen to not look chalky on the skin. It also is a gorgeous different colour than any colour I’ve had before! I would describe it as a pink/plum but nothing too purple to be unwearable. It actually gives the cheeks a gorgeous flush that looks really natural! I love this when I don’t want too much shimmer on my cheeks or if I have excessive shimmer somewhere else haha!
Both are gorgeous and extremely different from each other! The best part about these blushes is I picked mine up for… Wait for it… $1.59! Unheard of! haha Thank you Rexall for your great sales! These blushes are still a great price even when they aren’t on clearance at around $4.99 each – and they are definitely worth more! As you may be able to tell from this photo, the Sweet Cinnamon has more pigmentation than the Plushed Plum. I assume it has to do with the finishes, shimmer vs. matte. You can still build up an amazing colour with the Plushed Plum, it just takes more than one swipe! (Personally, I like that in a blush because I’m prone to over applying! haha) These both have a luxurious feel and are super soft with no chalky appearance. I often overlook Maybelline but now that I know their quality is so great, I will definitely not be passing by the Maybelline section! 🙂