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Sonia Kashuk Creme Blush

Good morning ladies! If you have been following my blog posts or tweets, you may know that I adore cream blushes! I feel like they give me a very realistic flush of colour and add an extra layer of colour for under powder blushes (just in case they begin to fade through the day!). I also don’t like the chalky appearance some powder blushes can leave behind and the intense shimmer that a lot of them contain! I have fairly oily skin so that shimmer doesn’t do me any favours! 😉
What is this?

This is Sonia Kashuk Creme blush in Blossom – 03. Now, being from Canada I have no access to the Sonia Kashuk range 🙁 but thanks to my good friend Pammy over at Pammy Blogs Beauty I was able to get my hands on some! If you don’t know, Pammy and I had a pre-holidays swap in December where I sent here items only available in Canada and she sent my items from the States! I love that we do this because I don’t often go to the states and hate to pay the through-the-roof shipping fees of most sites! I specifically requested something from the Sonia Kashuk range because it looks so high end without being so high-end priced and I was extremely curious! Pammy picked the best possible item (she knows I love Cream Blushes!!) and in a (what I think is) universally flattering shade!
Onto the colour, this is a very neutral, skin-toned pink. It provides a subtle flush and changes to a powder finish once applied – unlike most other cream blushes I have used! It also has a very subdued shimmer which shows up on the face as more of a healthy sheen. I love that because most cream blushes rely on a dewy/wet finish for their sheen and sometimes that doesn’t translate well onto oily skin (or wear well for that matter!)
Here I have it swatched next to a few of my closest in colour cream blushes. Oddly enough, in the pan it looks closest in colour to Stila Convertible Colour in Lily (2nd swatch) but when applied to skin they look NOTHING alike! I would say that the Sonia Kashuk Creme Blush in Blossom is closest to Stila Convertible colour in Hibiscus (LE) (3rd swatch) with it also being very close to MAC Blushcreme in Ladyblush. They major differences between them is the texture, sheen and dewy feeling. I think the Sonia Kashuk Creme Blushes are better suited to oily skins and the MAC Blushcreme for drier skins! (Stila Convertible Colours are good for any skin type as they are not too “dewy”). The SK blush also seems to have less pigmentation than the others so it would be great for a subtle finish or for people inexperienced with cream blushes (its hard to over do it!).
Overall, I LOVE this blush! I like it more than my MAC Blushcremes because of the powder finish on my oily skin and although I don’t know the price, I assume it is much more affordable than MAC and Stila! Next time you are at Target (pretty sure thats where it is sold haha) be sure to check these out! They are definitely worth a try!