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Deals & Steals: Wet N’ Wild Color – Icon Single Shadows

Nutty (left), Brulee (right)
Hello ladies! Hope your week is going well so far! I have been busy catching up on everyones blogs this last week or so after my little break over the holidays and have been learning about some great drugstore finds! A few “Best Of” posts that I read recently (sorry don’t remember the blogs exactly!) have mentioned these little guys – the Wet N’ Wild Color Icon Single Shadows! I’m sure you have all heard the raves about Wet N’ Wild’s Color Icon 6 pan palettes, especially the holiday LE shades – these are the same shadows but in single form (and bigger!).
These are an amazing deal, and when I say amazing, I mean AMAZING! Where else can you find single eyeshadows for $2.77 each with such amazing pigmentation and silky smooth application? I’ll tell you.. NOWHERE! haha I was leery to initially try the Wet N’ Wild brand. I used it in junior high and high school when I wasn’t really into makeup and didn’t want to spend any money on it. I remembered it being okay, I liked the eyeliners but since using new products they had definitely been pushed to the way side. What made my try the brand again is the success I’ve had with another inexpensive brand – NYC. I was also leery to try them, as I always am with inexpensive makeup products, I tended to believe you got what you paid for! NOT TRUE! NYC is a great brand with a few of their products being a staple in my everyday routine – and honestly, I think everything they sell is under $5!
Anyways! Back to the review! I am very glad I finally decided to pick these up, I got the colours Nutty and Brulee – after hearing these were the best two shades! (Plus I love neutral colours!)
Nutty – This is an amazing medium brown shade with a great sheen! There is no noticeable shimmer or glitter but it has such a pretty finish! It is almost the same finish as a MAC Velvet! This would be a great everyday colour and very work appropriate! It has great colour pay off and wears really well over an eyeshadow primer! Seriously, I would pay 3x as much for this shadow (Shhh! Don’t tell Wet N’ Wild lol) because of its fantastic colour and texture!
Brulee – This is going to be an incredibly versatile shadow in my collection! It is completely matte with no sheen, shimmer or glitter but isn’t at all chalky! This colour is great as a base, highlight or to blend out harsh edges and blend together colours!  The colour is extremely close to my skin tone when applied so this is perfect for me! This is a must have in anyones makeup collection and for $2.77 – you really can’t go wrong!
These two colours look especially pretty together as well! This is in daylight/no-flash, hopefully you can see the sheen of Nutty! I am more than impressed with these and will definitely be keeping my eye open at the Wet N’ Wild section from now on!
Have you tried the Wet N’ Wild Singles? What do you think? Any other great products from them that I need to know about? 🙂