First Look Going Gadgety Skin Care Zeno

Going Gadgety! – Zeno Acne Device

Good Morning – again! I really have been catching up on my blogging and doing two or even three posts a day! I really am trying to limit myself but once I get on a role, I’m on a role!
This isn’t a very long post – more of an introduction to a new product I just picked up, and have yet to use yet!
First off, I suffer from pretty mild, occasional breakouts (which is what the Zeno device is intended for). It is also only intended for the red, inflamed blemishes, not the tiny white ones. Thanks to my Shoppers Optimum points and bonus cards and coupons, I was able to pick this up for $4! haha It runs $44.95 CAD for 80 uses (which I think will be MORE than enough to last me a good year or longer!) There is also a larger version that features changeable tips so you never have to buy a new device, just new tips but it runs $155 CAD. (on sale at SDM for $99 right now though!)
Anyways, this is a really cute little (PINK!) device that (as pictured above) you place on your blemish for the treatment time – 2.5mins – until it beeps and you are done. It heats up to kill all the acne bacteria in your skin and get rid of the blemish. Depending on the severity of the blemish you can treat it up to three times 4-12 hours apart. I’m pretty excited to try this out (although I have no blemishes right now, figures lol) because I only get occasional ones and if it helps with those I will be more than happy!
This little gadget has a bunch of indicator lights as well as an on/off button. It has four lights that tell you how many treatments you have left (Example, 4 lights = 60-80 treatments) as well as a power indicator light. It automatically shuts off after the treatment time and beeps every 30 seconds to let you know it is working.
I have high hopes for this little guy and will keep you updated on my progress! Check back for another “Going Gadgety” post on my new Clarisonic Mia!
Have you tried this? Will you try it? Let me know!