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Coach for Estée Lauder Collection

Hi Everyone! Sorry I’ve been absent for so long, the holidays got away from me – I went into SUPER lazy mode, I don’t think I even opened my computer for two weeks straight! (Partially due to the lack of internet when I was up at the Ski Hill!) So, for my coming back I thought I would do an extra special post on one of my most favourite Christmas gifts this year!
This is the Coach for Estée Lauder Collection. This was one of those buy-with-purchase items during the holidays – you know, if you spend blank amount of money you can purchase this collection for blank amount of money. Personally, I had no idea this was out there! If I had known I would have already bought it before Christmas! I have never really used Estée Lauder cosmetics, the only thing I have owned from them was their liquid bronzer from a few (like 6) years back – which was actually really great! Honestly, I would have bought this for the makeup bag alone! How adorable is this little golden bag? It goes especially nicely with the new Coach Handbag I got for Christmas too! 🙂
(This is not yet a review, but they are to come! :))
Close up!
Cute little Estée Lauder Signature tag, as well as the Coach Signature Leather tag!

Here are a few more pictures of the bag close up, just because I can get enough of it!! Not only did I get this amazing little bag (that is now a staple in my purse) but it came packed with makeup goodies! (Just to let you know – None of these are Limited Edition Colours, all can be bought separately!)

First up is this cute little, luxurious, compact! It is packed with 3 Pure Color Eyeshadows and a Signature Silky Powder Blush. When I first opened this I was shocked at the purple shade – “What is that doing in there?” I thought – it just looks so out of place! But after swatching it, it is actually a gorgeous muted purple that goes great with the other two shadows to create a really different eye look that I would never have thought of! Plus, it looks great with my green eyes! 🙂 (Sorry no swatches, I will tomorrow – my camera battery ran out!) The shades (from left to right) are Ivory Slipper (Satin), Hot Cinnamon (Shimmer) and Amethyst Spark (Shimmer). Oddly enough, when applied these look completely opposite of how they are described! The two that are marked “Shimmer” look like satins with only a slight sheen, while the light “Satin” shade looks like a shimmer! Either way, they are gorgeous and in no way too shimmery or glittery! The blush is a great, everyday Nude Rose. It is matte with no shimmer but the slightest sheen to give it a gorgeous finish that isn’t chalky.
Next up are two of Estée Lauders Pure Color Long lasting Lipsticks. I’m not a big lipstick wearer (as you may know) but these are two really gorgeous and wearable shades that I am definitely going to try out! On the left is Sugar Honey and on the right is Pinkberry. Both shades are much darker than they showed up in the pictures (sorry, flash photography at night!). Sugar Honey is a definite shimmer/frost shade while Pinkberry has no shimmer particles, just a great sort of mauve satin!
Next up is Estée Lauder’s Artist’s Eye Pencil in 01 Softsmudge Black. I’m a sucker for any black eyeliner – you can never have too many! This one is super soft, doesn’t tug at your eyelids and can create a very thin line without wearing down too fast and without being TOO soft! The original Artist Eye Pencil comes with a smudger on the end but thats okay because I rarely smudge my eyeliner anyways. It seem to set really well without smudging after the fact but I have yet to wear it for a full day so that review is to come!
Next is a mini Pure Color Gloss in Wired Copper. I really like the smell of Estée Lauder glosses (smelling this one reminded me that I had a sample of this before!), they are sweet but not candy sweet and isn’t overpowering! This color is a full on shimmer with quite a bit of sparkle and a close to metallic finish and very high shine. It isn’t very pigmented, more of a traditional gloss – just to add shine to the lips!
This set also came with two mini covered brushes. Although I probably won’t use these very much they are great to throw in my little makeup bag for quick touch ups! The eyeshadow brush is very soft and they blush brush could actually apply color nicely!
Overall, I LOVE this set!! I couldn’t be happier with it – the Coach makeup bag, the shimmering golden cases and the rich colours are to die for! I will be happy to have this in my purse and I’m so so glad that my mom was able to snap me up one of these! Please keep an eye out for swatches tomorrow!
Did you get any great makeup gifts for Christmas? Let me know! 🙂