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Best of 2010 – Bath & Body

Good morning ladies! Here is the next instalment in my Best of 2010 posts! I tried to do one post for all my best of products but soon realized that wasn’t going to happen! I like these posts because it gives me a chance to let you guys know about some of my favourite products that I often overlook and would never think to do a post about! I find most of these to be mundane, daily use products (deodorant and soap, lol) but forget how much I truly love and need them! So, here are my favourites from 2010 in bath and body!
(Not all of these are from 2010, they are just the products I used the most this year and often repurchased!)

These soaps are definitely first on my list for shower essentials! These are soaps made in Canmore, Alberta (only about 40 minutes from Calgary) where my boyfriend and I often go for day trips (they have the best brew pub in the world, The Grizzly Paw – if you are ever in Canmore you HAVE to stop!). Anyways, haha, these are a few of mine and my boyfriends favourite soaps from Rocky Mountain Soap Company. I never used to be a soap person, I always preferred body wash but after my boyfriend became obsessed with these, I did too! They are amazing, all natural soap bars available in a huge variety of very unique flavours. These are a few that we always have on hand, Alpine Air (I believe to be Rocky Mountain Soaps signature scent!), Citrus Soother and Summer Lemonade. They all smell amazing and we always have almost 5 extra on hand! They also come out with a lot of limited edition scents for the holidays and seasons! (there is also one called Mountain Man that is super minty and wakes you up like nothing else can!)
Next up is the shampoo and conditioner that I have repurchased probably three times this year! I’m a big fan of natural products, especially if they are going down the drain! (Yes, all my cleaning products are all natural too!) These are Live Clean’s Argan Oil Shampoo and Conditioner. These two are supremely moisturizing and make my hair incredibly shiny! They also have a subtle, nutty smell that I love! I’m sure you have all heard the hype about argan oil (Moroccan Oil products use it) and how moisturizing it is. It really is moisturizing and adds great shine but it can be expensive. These are a great alternative to get that great Argan oil at a much less expensive price! (I got these at Wal-Mart for around $4 each – sometimes they have deals on them in two packs!) My only gripe with these is the Shampoo doesn’t create much lather (as is usually the case with any product that doesn’t contain SLS) so I find I have to use more product to get my hair thoroughly clean.
Here is a staple in my shower and probably always will be! I’m sure you’ve heard a lot about Aussie’s 3 Minute Miracle Conditioner. It is incredibly moisturizing and probably the only thing that can get the extensive tangles out of my hair! Oh and by the way, it smells so amazing and lingers on your hair forever! (which I love!) Not only is this is best deep conditioner I have used, it is also the cheapest! I got this at London Drugs for only $2! Thats a major bonus because I tend to need to use a lot of it on my long and very tangle prone hair so I don’t feel bad about using large amounts of it at only $2 a bottle! If you haven’t tried this, you need to!
Next is a bath product that is a must have in the winter! I am obsessed with Lush Bath Bombs (no photo) and use them almost every time I have a bath! The only problem is they can be really drying in the winter. So, whenever I take a bath no matter what I use (bubbles, bath bomb, bath melt) I add a splash of Alba Botanica Kukui Nut Organic Body Oil to the water to prevent dryness. This oil is super rich, organic and smells unreal! Like Hawaii in a bottle! If I’m feeling extra dry I will also add a few drops of this to body lotion or apply it to dry areas on my body by its self. It is incredibly hydrating and absorbs perfectly! A great item to have in the dry Canadian winters!

As you know, I do love my Rocky Mountain bar soaps but sometimes my skin can feel extra tight and dry. In that case I use Dove CreamOil Body Wash in Rosewood & Cocoa Butter. I only usually use this after I use regular soap because I don’t feel this gets me as clean as I would like. I look at it more like an in-shower moisturizer. This smells divine and leaves your skin incredibly soft and hydrated without needing an extra moisturizer after your shower! If you have dry skin, this is an amazing body wash!
Alright, last but certainly not least is Dove’s Ultimate Visibly Smooth Antiperspirant in Nature Fresh. Rarely would I rave about an antiperspirant but this one is a little more special. Not only does it do what an antiperspirant needs to do (control wetness, odour, etc) it also helps you be able to shave less!
It contains a small amount of depilatory agent (Pro-Epil Complex) to make your underarms feel smoother longer, and I must say – it has made a very large difference! It is still super gentle and doesn’t sting to put on after you shave, if you hate shaving your underarms as much as I do, give this a try to extend the effects! 🙂

So, that was a long post but those are my favourites and go-to products for Bath & Body in 2010. If you noticed, there is no body lotion – I’m not a fan and rarely need it if I use my bath oil and CreamOil body wash as I’m not very prone to dry skin – just tight, itchy skin. But if I do use a body lotion it is definitely Yes To Carrots Rich Body Butter (click to see my review). There are more “Best of” posts to come so be sure to check back for makeup, skin care and extras! 🙂