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Yes To Carrots! Super Rich Body Butter

Hi Ladies! Hope you are all having a great night! I thought I would share with you one of my new favourite finds! The people at Yes To Carrots were nice enough to send me this to try out in my cold Canadian weather!
First, a little background on my (body) skin – which yes, varies wildly from my face skin! I actually rarely use body lotion or moisturizer, but lately my skin has been incrdibly itchy and tight feeling so I’ve been reaching for moisturizers to soothe it! I generally don’t get flakey skin, or skin that looks dry – just an overall tight/itch feeling!
As you can see, this is a super rich butter! I was nervous at first because I personally don’t like the feeling of thick, greasy lotion on my skin (the main reason why I don’t use it!). This is why I’m not a fan of The Body Shop body butters, much too thick and I swear I can feel them on my skin for HOURS! That being said, I still want great hydration and moisturizing properties, just no residue left on my skin!
I love the consistency of this body butter! It stays so thick until you rub it in, it just melts into the skin! It also absorbs so fast and leaves your skin feeling really soft and supple but with no residue or tacky feeling! I’m in love! It relieves my tight and itchy feeling skin instantly and keeps my skin hydrated for hours! I have gotten into the habit of applying this at night, when I shower, when I bath, when I get up lol ANYTIME really! I literally carry it around my house, its kind of sad! My boyfriend also likes this! It is a totally unisex product because the scent is just like a classic lotion (not like carrots hehe) and the packaging isn’t girly so this is a great buy for everyone! This would also be great for kids because it is totally natural and gentle!
As with all Yes To Carrots products, it is super natural and contains great ingredients like Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter, Carrot Oil and Sweet Almond, Jojoba & Olive oils. All of these are super nourishing and great for your skin! I love being able to use natural products, especially when applying them ALL over my body! Thats a lot of product that is going to be absorbed! Overall, this is fantastic and I want it again so badly! I’m already panicking about where I’m going to get my next tub because I’m not sure if I can get this in Canada! I feel like this is turing into an addiction… lol
Do you guys have some favourite body moisturizer? Have you tried this one?
Let me know! XOXO
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