Best Of Lip Balm Lip Treatment Reviews and Swatches

Best of 2010 – Lip Repair

Good morning ladies! Its time for me to round up all the best items of 2010! I will be doing posts on various items and categories, as well as new items (as usual!) I’m starting off with lips because it is the HARDEST thing for me to find and therefore the most exciting when I do! Living in Canada and in the DRIEST place in Canada (I don’t actually know that, but I’m convinced!) I am always searching for the next best lip balm/gloss/scrub – anything to help my parched lips! Here are the best of the best that I found this year! (well, this winter – since it got so dry and cold!)
First things first. My lips get so incredibly dry that they flake and peel like nothing else! If your lips are like that, nothing will moisturize them unless you get rid of all the dead skin thats forming a barrier (just like your skin!). This is the best lip scrub I have found because it is SO intense. It is the LUSH Lip Scrub in Sweet Lips (tastes like vanilla/chocolate). The sugar grains are very abrasive, which is what I need, and get rid of ALL the dead skin cells that are blocking your fresh, new cells. This is really easy to use, I just tap the surface with my finger and that is enough sugar grains to get a great exfoliation (this will last forever!). Scrub over your lips until they feel soft and smooth, the oils in the scrub are left behind to help with moisturization! (Oh, and you can eat this! So clean up is a breeze!)
Next up is the most moisturizing lip balm I have ever found! This is Korres Lip Butter in Guava. I never thought I would find something so great for my lips, honestly! I had a 25% off (or whatever it was) VIB discount at Sephora and was desperate to find something incredibly nourishing for my lips. On a whim, I picked up this little beauty. (I actually have two of these already but they are tinted so I use them more as a lip colour). This is the best purchase I made of 2010, seriously. I know these are a little pricey at $13 CAD each but trust me they are worth it! I’m not sure what is in them that makes them so incredibly hydrating, but whatever it is I LOVE IT! This smells amazing too and doesn’t feel thick on the lips. It feels super slick and hydrating without a waxy feel. I highly recommend any of these, they come in great colours too! (I’ve had this for less than a month and am almost half done it, thats how much I love and use it!)
Last but certainly not least, is Dermaglow’s Instant Lip Gloss Plumper. This is the most unique and interesting gloss I have ever tried! Dermaglow was nice enough to send this to me (In their Thirsty Winter Lips Set) to test out against the harsh Alberta climate! And I must say, it performed more than well! I would have shown you this in the package but I literally went to the post office to pick it up, ripped the box open and tore this out and applied it right in the parking lot! haha I was hesitant if this would stand up to -30 degrees with a windchill of -40 because it looked like “just a gloss”. This is anything but “just a gloss”! Sometimes I like to have more of a shine to my lips but still want an intense moisturizing treatment (hard to come by!). I also like to have a wand applicator when I’m out and about (pots seem unhygienic and are just a pain at times.) so this is GREAT! This goes on like a clear, shiny gloss but as it sets into the lips, it turns to a balm feel which I LOVE! It also plumps the lips with hydration without the stinging or tingling (which I really don’t like). This has been my go-to and a permanent fixture in my backpack and purse. I apply this so much its crazy and it works amazingly! (Oh and did I mention they are a Canadian company? I should have known they would make great hydrating products!)
So, thats all of them! These are my three lifesavers and the only things that keep my lips from being crinkly, chapped messes! What are your go-to lip products? Let me know! I always want to try new things! 🙂