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Yes To Tomatoes – Daily Clarifying Cleanser

Hey everyone! Hope you are all having a great weekend! I just got home from Bridesmaid Dress shopping which was an amazing experience (my first time being a bridesmaid!) and we ended up ordering some gorgeous dresses! Anyways, lets talk about what you came here for, this is my Yes To Tomatoes Daily Clarifying Cleanser. 

Not long ago, the Yes To Carrots company was nice enough to send me some of their products to sample. I must say I was very excited as I love their Yes To Cucumber Facial wipes!
A little back ground info for those of you who don’t know me and my skin. I have oily/combo skin that is acne prone. It’s actually quite amazing, I never thought you could have dry and oily skin at the same time, but you can… Oh yes, you can! Anyways, this makes it especially hard for me to find skin care products that won’t make one issue worse while making one better. For this reason, they sent me to Yes To Tomatoes line to control my oil and breakouts. Check out their website to see which line is best for you – Yes To Carrots!
As you can see this is a clear, foaming cleanser. It is a very light foam as there is no Sodium Laurel Sulphates in it, the foaming properties are sugar derived. Here is what Yes To Carrots has to say on the website about this cleanser:

“You won’t be able to stop yourself from staring in the mirror, turning from cheek to cheek and checking out that gorgeous glow radiating from your clean skin! Yes To Tomatoes Facial Wash maintains your skin’s pH balance while removing excess oils and impurities, purifying and refreshing your beautiful complexion. Go ahead, spend a little extra time in the mirror checking yourself out – you’re balanced, beautiful, and beaming!”

I find it hard to find a cleanser that will get rid of all the excess oils on my face, as well as not leave my skin feeling excessively dry! This one does a good job of that, with my skin never feeling tight after and it feeling thoroughly clean!


– 99.6% Natural (wow)
– Petroleum, SLS & Paraben Free
– Doesn’t dry out the skin
– Contains natural fruit acids to exfoliate
– Contains Antioxidants
– Very gentle around the eye area
– Gets skin very clean


Personal Preference – I don’t like the smell, but it isn’t overpowering
– I can’t buy this again because it is not available in Canada 🙁
– Smallish bottle – I want more!

Overall, this cleanser is great. Many of you may not think too much about your cleanser as your skin may be normal or combination and it doesn’t matter too much to you. To me it is essential to have the correct cleanser! I get excessively dry skin around my eyes from harsh cleansers but the rest of my skin is very oily and needs something to cut through all the oil. In the winter it is even harder because I get dry patches in my oil slicks. Fun. But, this cleanser doesn’t both either one! It gets rid of the oil while leaving light hydration, but nothing you can “feel” afterwards, no residue! I definitely recommend this if you love natural products that are equally as effective! I will continue to use this and hope I can get my hands on some more! 🙂


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