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LAVANILA Healthy Fragrance Deluxe Roller Ball Set


Hi Ladies! Hope everyone is having a great day, I’m freezing my butt off over here in Calgary! But, I have a few things to warm me up and brighten my day! A few days ago I received a package from The Shopping Channeland had to share with you what they were nice enough to send me!

This is going to be a new kind of post for me. I have yet to review a fragrance and it seems like a tricky thing to do. Everyone experiences and interprets scents differently, especially mixed fragrances. I will try to describe to you the scents I experience in each of these adorable little roll-ons the best I can.
This is LAVANILA’S Healthy Fragrance Deluxe Mini Roller Ball Set from The Shopping Channel. I have heard a lot about LAVANILA yet this is my first personal experience with them. This set includes (in a gorgeous gift box) 4 mini roller ball fragrances (5ml each) in Vanilla Lavender, Pure Vanilla, Vanilla Coconut and Vanilla Grapefruit.
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LAVANILA prides itself on providing fragrances free of Parabens, Sulfates, Synthetic fragrances, Synthetic dyes and Petro-chemicals. Honestly, I never thought of my fragrances containing these chemicals, or worried about applying fragrances to my skin! Now that I’ve discovered LAVANILA I have looked into some ingredients in my other fragrances and have been shocked at the amount of synthetics and preservatives. I love the idea of applying healthy things to my body, that now includes fragrance! Here is what The Shopping Channel website has to say about LAVANILA fragrances:

“Each all natural fragrance is infused with pure essential oils with anti-oxidants and natural botanicals to help pamper the body and soul. This collection is all-natural and completely free of harsh and possibly toxic chemicals.”

Getting back to the scents themselves, my first thought is I love the packaging! The tiny roller balls are purse-friendly, simple and elegant (and colour coded I might add!). They also all contain my favourite scent of all time, Vanilla!

Vanilla Grapefruit

Now that I’ve touched on the ingredients and packaging lets move on to the most important part, the scents.

Vanilla Lavender – Unfortunately, this one spilled during shipping so I was only left with a half a vial. Not all bad because cleaning up after it made my hands smell lovely for hours! This one has a pure Lavender scent (much like a Lavender Essential Oil because that is what it contains) but not as harsh. I find Lavender can be an overpowering scent at times, but with the mix of vanilla I find it soft, soothing and romantic. I also sense a hint of citrus and a slight powdery finish. A real feminine fragrance that I would wear on a relaxed date or at night.
Pure Vanilla – This one surprised me a little. What I expected to be a sweet, traditional vanilla scent turned out to be a more powdery version of the classic. My first impression, it smells exactly like my Grandma’s house. I’m not saying that in a bad way, my Grandma’s house smells great! To me, this one is a mix of baby powder and real vanilla, not the sweet ice cream and cake vanilla.
Vanilla Coconut – I am in heaven with this scent! This is my Hawaiian vacations in a bottle! There is a slight floral underneath the sweet coconut and smooth vanilla. I even get a hint of Hawaiian Tropic sunscreen in the most elegant way. When I smell this I am immediately taken back to Maui, sitting on the Lanai in the morning watching the ocean. I don’t think I could love a scent more! This one also has a very subdued powdery finish.
Vanilla Grapefruit – I almost think this smells more like grapefruit than the real thing! It is incredibly fresh, energizing and fizzy (if you can describe a scent as fizzy, maybe effervescent is a better word). Either way, this is a wake-me-up fragrance that adds incredible fruitiness and energy to your spirit, while still being mellow with the warm scent of vanilla. There are definite hints of other citrus fruits such as lemon and orange. This is such a bright and fun fragrance.

I definitely love some of these scents more than others, although all will have a place in my fragrance wardrobe. My favourite that I MUST purchase a full size of is Vanilla Coconut, this is scent heaven to me. My second favourite is Vanilla Grapefruit, the complete opposite of the calming Vanilla Coconut but great for a fresh, light everyday fragrance to perk up my mood. My third favourite is Vanilla Lavender, a wonderful floral that will be worn on special occasions and when I’m feeling extra feminine. My fourth favourite is Pure Vanilla, but it is far from being last. I honestly love all of these and this one is a comforting, soft scent that I think will be great for work. 

Overall, I love these. I love all the scents and I love that they all include Vanilla in their formulation. I love the adorable, simple packaging that is purse friendly and a great sampler. I also love that these are “healthy” fragrances and are formulated without many harmful chemicals and preservatives. I highly recommend this set for yourself or as a Holiday gift. You can find it on The Shopping Channel’s website for $40 + Free Shipping as well as on LAVANILA’S website. I know fragrances are hard to describe and its hard to get an accurate perception of the actual scent through words but I hope I helped a little bit! 

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