Samples of the Week

Hey everyone! I’m just having a lazy Sunday and thought I would share some of my samples I received this week!

I got this little Bare Minerals Matte at Sephora for their V.I.B. Friends & Family sale! I was so excited when she popped this into my bag and couldn’t wait to use it! Although, when I got home I realized that it wasn’t my colour…
Haha, and I mean REALLY wasn’t my colour! I always wonder about samples of foundation/concealer and things of that sort and what the logic is behind only offering it in one shade. It doesn’t make sense to me because only a certain portion of the people who get the sample will even be able to use it! I would have loved to have tried this out and maybe even have bought it, but because it is so vastly not my colour I have no idea if I like it. This all seems like a waste to me (for the company) because they are not really accomplishing what samples are set out to do – test it out, like it, buy it! Anyways, thats my rant… Moving on… lol
Okay, I’m not really moving on because I’m extra sad that I can’t use it because its so cute! The little brush and all, I just wish it had even been close to my colour! Another thing is I’ve been really wanting to try the Bare Minerals Matte for some time now! Oh, well! Maybe I can use it as a bronzer?
I got this little Shiseido skincare sample at London Drugs the other day as part of a promotion! I really like the Shiseido Pureness line, I’m not sure how my skin will react to the “moisturizing” line as I have very oily skin.
This kit came with an Extra Gentle Cleansing Foam, the Hydro-Nourishing Softener and the Night Moisture Recharge. I’m excited to try the Extra Gentle Cleansing Foam as I’ve heard good things about it, but they other two I’m not sure about for my skin type! 🙂
I also like that it came with a little “how-to” and information about the products as well!
I also recently signed up for the Vichy Normaderm 7-Day Challenge on their facebook page. I’m not sure if it’s still going on but check it out! This is a sample pack of their new Normaderm Tri-Activ Anti-Imperfection Hydrating Care. I used this when it first came on the market years ago but they have since redone the formula and I’m excited to try it again!
I LOVE how they give you separate little daily packets to use! This way you can use the right amount of product everyday without trying to conserve any in fear of running out! They also include a $3 off coupon for your purchase of the product afterwards if you choose!
I’m excited to try all these things, I love getting samples and trying them out! Have you got any good samples lately?