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Mario Badescu Herbal Hydrating Serum Review

Hi my lovelies! As you all may very well know, I’m on a Mario Badescu kick! I’ve been recently introduced to their brand after receiving their sample package and have been loving them ever since! This item in particular wasn’t included in my sample package but we have a cute little local store here that sells Mario Badescu and they were having a sale on most of their products so I picked a few up!
One of the items I got was the Mario Badescu Herbal Hydrating Serum. According to their website, this is:

“One of our most unique, versatile products for all skin types that doubles as a layering product to use over day or night moisturizers for extra hydration. Can also be used alone as a lightweight hydrator for oily skin. Formulated with Ginkgo Extract, Ceramides and Ginseng Extracts that provide nourishing benefits for the skin.” 

I find that it is definitely living up to its claims! I have oily skin, like, all-over oily skin, not just my t-zone so I can’t add too much rich moisture. That being said, having oily skin doesn’t necessarily mean my skin isn’t dehydrated, which it is! That means I still need to add hydration, its just much harder to do!

This is a really nice blue gel that spreads evenly and absorbs lightning quick! I find it very similar in formulation and texture to their Ceramide Eye Gel that I love and received in my sample package.

The Facts

– Super hydrating without being thick or rich
– Absorbs super fast
– Keeps skin moisturized for a long time
– Never feels heavy on the skin
– Cooling, soothing
– Has little to no scent
– Does not clog pores or cause breakouts

I have had a really great experience with this prodcuct on my oily skin. I know Pammy at “Pammy Blogs Beauty“, has also had a great experience with it and her normal/dry skin! I like that this serum can be used on any skin type and still provide great benefits!


– Hydrating
– Non-oily/Greasy
– Can be used on ANY skin type, including sensitive
– Cooling/soothing
– Packaging: simple and effective
– Can be used mixed with a moisturizer for an extra hydration boost


– Price: $30 USD for 1 oz.
– Availability of the product (not in all cities)
– Small bottle (I’m going to WHIP through this stuff!)

Overall, I love this!! It is so hard to find hydration for oily skin that won’t make you breakout or feel greasy! I also love that you can use this on any skin type and its also safe for around the eye area. This is such a great product to have in any skin care regime for an extra boost of hydration without an added thick layer of product! Remember, just because skin is oily doesn’t mean that it doesn’t still need moisture. Sometimes your skin can produce excess oil because it needs moisture. The key is finding a super lightweight gel or serum (here is a great option! lol) and sticking with it to balance the skin out!

Final Verdict

I will definitely be repurchasing this product! Even if I have to pay more and order it from the website, I will do it! Its just that great! I would recommend this to anyone with any skin type! 🙂