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Fusion Beauty Foundation Review

BioActive Foundation

Good Evening Girls! This is the continuation of the last Fusion Beauty Foundation post I did. My last one was just a purchase notice, not yet a review! So here is the review of this really interesting foundation!

First of all, this foundation has quite a long name haha, this is Fusion Beauty’s Skin Fusion Bio-Active Mineral Intuitive Soft Focus Fluid Foundation SPF 10. (I would post a link but this is no longer available on Fusion Beauty’s site). 

This foundation is one of those “intuitive” formulas. Meaning, that it comes out of the bottle white and changes to adjust to your skin tone. I purchased this in light/medium and it is very forgiving (or just my perfect colour! But probably not..haha) Once you pump it out, the best way to apply is to mix it on your hand to help with the colour change before applying to your skin. 

Mixed on hand

If you read my previous post on this, it has a lot of claims to better skin! The market this more as a skin care product than a foundation. This is what the box says:

“Proprietary Bio Active Mineral blend that combines pure Gold with 60 sourced essential minerals and anti-oxidants to activate and boost absorption of nutrients, fight free radicals and rev up cell metabolism.” As well as, “Stimulating peptide blend with an anti-bacterial formula to purify, heal blemishes and speed cell renewal for balance and brightness.”

So as you may think, I was very intrigued! Heres what I’ve concluded after wearing this for about 10 days.

The Facts

– My skin looks great when I wear this, I love the finish: not too matte, not too dewy
– The texture is interesting, but I like it! Once you blend this into your skin, the texture turns to an almost powdery feel! Great for oily/combo skin but still doesn’t look cakey or chalky.
– Keeps my skin matte ALL DAY! This is huge for me, I have oily skin!
– Looks really natural, colour is great
– I had to be careful when blending! I tended to think that because it was white one my hand, it would be clear on my face (forgetting really that it changes colour!) I had to remember to blend well around my hairline, eyebrows and nose!
– This has some amazing ingredients, I haven’t noticed a difference in my skin yet, but I also have no extra blemishes! YAY!


– Looks natural on skin
– Keeps skin matte
– Colour blends seamlessly (as long as I remembered to blend it, lol)
– Feels clean and fresh on skin – no heavy feeling
– Great finish (satiny)
– Great skin care ingredients built in


– Packaging – pump works one minute, doesn’t work the next (sometimes I have to pump it like 100 times)!
– VERY sheer – more like a tinted moisturizer/base (primer)
– Can be hard to blend if it “sets” before you get to it
– Need to use quite a bit of product to cover entire face/neck
– I’m pretty sure its discontinued haha, I got mine at Winners!

Overall, I like this and will continue to use it! Its a great companion to my Annabelle Mineral makeup! It seriously keeps my skin matte all day which is unheard of for me! My skin usually gets to oily and greasy with any liquid product on it so I am so impressed just based on that fact alone! I’m interested to see if it improves my blemishes at all or if I see a difference in my skin overtime! I will keep you all posted on the progress! If you have a chance to pick one of these up at Winners and have an oily skin, I would definitely recommend it! 🙂