Eyeshadow Reviews and Swatches Tarina Tarantino

1st Tarina Tarantino Makeup Purchase!

My First Tarina Tarantino Product!

Hey Girlies! So I’m sure you’ve all noticed one of the new (in Canada at least) additions to Sephora recently. Tarina Tarantino’s makeup brand. She was originally a accessory designed but has now ventured (back) into makeup! Her brand is super girly, glittery and sparkly! I’ve passed by this display at Sephora many times but had yet to buy a product until now. Most of the products in the line are on the expensive side so I hadn’t been able to pick anything up! But, thanks to Sephora’s “gift” stand (the area right before the till that ALWAYS gets me!) they are bringing Tarantino makeup at a more affordable price (and I’m sure smaller package!).
Magic Hour Smudge Pen in Silk

What I picked up is this little Magic Hour Smudge Pen. Its a loose eyeshadow applied to a sponge (photo to come) that is available in a variety of very pretty shades! I picked up Silk because of its versatility. I could use it as an all over lid colour or a pretty, shimmery highlight.

Heres what I mean by Sponge
One swipe of the sponge!
The applicator is one of those “spring loaded” sponge tips that dips into the loose shadow in the lid. I really like this type of application and packaging especially for travel! Very clean and compact with no brushes required! These also come in some really pretty darker shades which could create a really pretty, smudgy and smokey eye!

– Very pretty colour range
– Price: $10 CAD and $8 USD
– Packaging: clean/sleek and portable
– Great pigment pay off even with lighter shades
– Soft sponge applicator
– Great sheen without being overly shimmer/glittery
– Small, little product
– Small colour range
– May need another brush/sponge to blend (in order to not apply excess product)
– Wearability: will wear off quickly (oily lids) with no primer
Overall, this is a cute little product thats great for travel and touchups! I am glad I bought this and might go pick up a couple more in different colours! I would suggest adding one of these to your purchase from Sephora when you pass by their “impulse buy” stands! haha (theres no way around them!) If you have some of these I would love to see other colours! What do you guys think? Will you buy?