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LUSH Mask of Magnaminty Review

Hey Everyone! Happy Saturday to you all, hope you are having a relaxing day, and maybe doing a bit of blogging! 🙂

Mask of Magnaminty

So this is actually Lush’sonly face mask that does not have to be refrigerated! Thats a huge bonus for me because I find the ones I have to keep in the fridge, not only go bad faster, but get pushed to the back of the fridge and lost forever! Then I will find them 3 weeks later (once they’ve gone bad) and be sad! I am a big fan of Lush’s fresh face masks (the ones that need refrigeration) because I do love a good all natural product that works wonders on my skin, and most of them do! This one looked even better because Number 1 I don’t have to refrigerate it (!) Number 2 its less expensive (size vs. price wise) and Number 3 its BIG!


This mask is more suited towards troublesome or oily skin. It is marketed as a deep cleaning, toning and exfoliating mask that refreshes and brightens skin. It contains Kaolin (clay), Bentonite (clay) and talc as the absorbing materials as well as honey, glycerin and evening primrose seeds to prevent overdrying.

I think this looks like green oatmeal haha. It is chunky because of the evening primrose seeds that are there to exfoliate as you rinse off the mask. You apply this like any other clay mask, letting it dry then rinsing it off in circular motions to exfoliate! It is very thick (like some of the other Fresh Face masks) and can be hard to spread because of the chunky consistency (minor speed bump). Lets move on to the pros and cons!
– Price: Less expensive than the Fresh Face Masks (this is $8 and change but double the size)
– Absorbs Oil without over drying
– Does not leave a greasy feel
– Does not make skin “itch” – You know that feeling that you can get from some clay masks that is like an itch because they tighten so much? That doesn’t happen haha
– Exfoliates
– Brightens Skin – Boosts blood flow
– Smells Great (Peppermint)
– This is NOT for sensitive skins! The peppermint oil will be much too strong and cause irritation. It was borderline irritating on my skin and I do not have sensitive skin at all! (it actually made my eyes water for the first little bit because the peppermint oil was SO strong, but I do have sensitive eyes, they water at everything!)
– Too drying for dry skins
– The talc in this product can leave a “residue” on skin – I use a toner to get rid of it! 🙂
Overall, I did like this product. I will definitely continue to use it but will use great caution to not get it anywhere near my eyes! The look it gives my skin, bright/glowing/clean, outweighs my discomfort of watery eyes but if you do have sensitive eyes or skin, skip this mask and try one of Lush’s other Fresh Face Masks. They make great ones for sensitive skins and dry skins (and oily) without the peppermint oil.
Final Verdict: Use caution when purchasing and using this particular mask, but don’t hesitate to buy other Lush Fresh Face masks! They are all natural and work amazing! 🙂