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NYX Eyeshadow Base – Skin Tone

Hey Ladies! I’m always looking for a product thats going to make my eyeliners/eyeshadows stay on longer, (well, I’m always looking for products in general, lol) so I’m constantly trying out new “primers”, “bases”, “potions” etc.! Here is one I picked up from NYX, which is actually my ONLY NYX product because I can’t get my hands on much here in Canada :(!

NYX Eyeshadow Base – Skin Tone
This eyeshadow base comes in a pot, much like MAC paintpots or Sephoras Eye Primer Pot. I’m not a huge fan of things in pots because my nails are a little long and I hate digging my fingers in them! I also don’t really like applying this with a brush, I don’t really know why I just find it blends in better with my fingers!
Side view of the little pot

Having said that I don’t like pots, I generally like the consistency of eye primers in pots better! I find that the thicker textured primers keep my eye products on better than the thinner ones in tubes.

When you apply this on it comes out a nice flesh tone and blends in completely (just like UDPP and TooFaced Shadow Insurance!) Lets look at the pros and cons:
– My shadow didn’t smudge or move (AS MUCH!) There was still slight movement, but again, my eyelids are very oily
– It has a great texture, thick but light feeling
– Comes in different colours
– Good Size for the price
– Inexpensive (and widely available for my USA friends!)
– Evens out my eyelid colour (which is great because they tend to be dark!)
– My shadows and liners still moved a bit (very oily lids though!)
– Not available in Canada in Stores
– Didn’t really find it “intensified” my colours
I don’t have many cons! It performed quite well! I always take into consideration that my eyelids seem to be excessively oily (no eye primers have ever worked flawlessly for me!) I think this is a really good option for an inexpensive eye primer and would be especially good if you had dry-normal skin on your lids! It does help shadow and liner last longer and it does even out the surface of your lids which is what an eye primer is supposed to do! Another great thing about this primer is it is available in different colours. It comes in White to make vivid colours pop, Pearl to enhance the shimmer in shadows and the skin tone for an original eye base. Overall, with this being one of my few NYX purchases I am definitely wanting to try more. I hope our selection in Canada gets widened soon! 🙂 What do you all think of NYX products? Have you tried this primer? Let me know! 🙂