Annabelle Canadian Eye Products Eyeliner Reviews and Swatches

Annabelle Smudgeliners Review

Good Evening Ladies! I hope you are all having a great night, I know I am (blogging! <3)

Annabelle’s Smudgeliners
Top: Armour (Purple/grey with shimmer)
Bottom: Oh My Goth! (Black)

I am always looing for a good eyeliner! A while back I came across a LOT of great reviews for these Annabelle Smudgeliners! I am very picky about my eyeliner as I wear it everyday and like a particular look from it. (Don’t worry I will review it in all aspects!) I haven’t had very good experiences with eyeliners: too smudgy, too hard, too soft, too waterproof, not waterproof enough..Always something and it makes me very skeptical when trying new liners. Because of this, I tend to put them through quite the test before I decide if I like them or not! Here are a few photos of the liners swatched:

Top: Oh My Goth! Bottom: Armour

This is the liners applied one stroke forward, one stroke back so a total of two swipes. I find them to have very concentrated colour for a very minimum amount of effort and product!

Smudged out: Top: Oh My Goth! Bottom: Armour
The Built-in Smudger

These smudge really well with the built in smudger! BUT, they don’t smudge too much! I find there is always a very fine line (haha, no pun intended!) between a liner that smudges well and a liner that smudges too much. I usually prefer a dark, thick line with really concentrated colour, but these have turned me onto the smudged line! Not only do these smudge out really well, but after you smudge them out they stay where you put them! These wear extremely well (and I have oily eyelids) so its hard to me for find a stay put liner!

The colours offered are very extensive, they have a lot of great colours and come out with new ones for collections sometimes! I absolutely love Armour, it is such an amazing Purple/grey without looking too bright or flashy, great to wear everyday instead of black! (I also love the black but come on, black is black and we all need a good black liner!) haha
So heres the breakdown:
– Colour Selection
– Wearability (don’t move on your lids, migrate or fade all day)
– Smudgeable/blendable (without being excessively soft or smudgy)
– Price – these have quite a range in price depending on where you buy them – I got mine for $3.99 but they can go up to $7.99
– Canadian Company (yay!)
– Packaging (love the built in smudger and the lids stay on tight)
– Very Pigmented
– Hard to create a thin line
– Need to be Sharpened (I just don’t like doing it haha)
– A little Soft in texture
– Not an “all around” pencil for me
My only problem with these is that I can’t make the precise line that I like. I would like these a lot more if they could be used for a defined line look and a smudged look. I find I only use them for a smudged look and stick to my Revlon ColorStay for a defined, dark line! Overall, I would recommend buying them though! They are a fantastic pencil to have in your makeup collection and are offered in such a wide variety of colours you are bound to find one you like! Have you tried these? What do you think? Let me know! 🙂