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MAC Tartan Tale (A couple products!) Review

Hey Everyone! So of course I had to pick up something from the MAC Tartan Tale Collection as I try to pick up something from EVERY collection! haha I’m sure many of you are the same! From this collection I decided on a nail polish and a blush. Here are my thoughts!

MAC Tartan Tale Nail Polish (LE) in Style Clan (Frost)
Style Clan (Limited Edition)
I try to get as many angles and swatches as I can so you guys can see the real colour and consistency of each product so I hope these turned out well! I’m not a huge advocate of MAC nail polish, I find the price a little high ($15.50 CAD) for a rather small bottle. Listed next are some more pros and cons of this specific nail polishes and MAC nail polishes in general.

– Colour, LOVE IT! Its a really neat chocolate/grey/ting of olive green with gold and orange glitter (Frost). They also always have a great selection of really different colours that I love! (So original!)
– Consistency – I like the consistency of THIS polish, it doesn’t clump (glitter) or make streaks.
– Bottle/Packaging – Love the rubberized lid, makes it a lot easier to get into.
– Dries fast, wears well (with a top coat of Seche Vite)

– Price – at $15.50 CAD a bottle (which is only 10ml, regular polishes are about 15-20mls) its pricey
– Consistency of their Cream shades is sometimes clumpy and streaky
– Brush – small and average. Mine was in really bad shape, so many random hairs sticking in EVERY direction! 🙁
Overall, I will continue to buy MAC nail polishes because of the great unique shades they offer and their variety of finishes. (I wouldn’t recommend buying basic shades from them such as (Cream) red, pink, dark purple unless they have a unique finish. There are better alternatives for basics at much lower prices that wear just as well or even better!) I also hate finding amazing Limited Edition shades then NEVER being able to get them again! But at least they always come out with another great option!
MAC blush in My Highland Honey(LE) (Satin)
My Highland Honey (Satin)
Swatch (Concentrated)
I’m a big fan of MAC blushes in general so I always love getting a new one! They run for $22 CAD, which I don’t find too bad for a blush, its also a decent amount of product and they are usually pretty concentrated in pigment. What I love most about this one is the colour, its a gorgeous orange with a pinkish undertone and I don’t have anything like that in my palette!

– Consistency – its a satin blush (my favourite) so it gives a nice finish without looking chalky.
– Colour – gorgeous! its an orange with a slight pink undertone (makes it easier to wear) no shimmer.
– Finish – love the finish on skin, silky and buildable without intense shimmer.

– Not for everyones skin tone!
I don’t have any other cons for this product, I love all MAC blushes (except their super shimmery ones). And the colour is so pretty and different! I’ve seen this swatched on some other blogs and I guess its pretty close to peaches (I don’t have that shade), so maybe if you have peaches you should swatch this in MAC and see how close it is! Overall, I will always purchase MAC blushes because I love almost everything about them! Did you pick anything up from the Tartan Tale collection? What do you think about these shades? Let me know I love everyones comments! 🙂