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e.l.f. Natural Eyeshadow Palette (Holiday Edition) Review

Hey Everyone! This post is going to help prove that this blog is 100% my opinion! Just to remind everyone everything I write is my opinion and will obviously differ from some peoples. Please know that this is only my experience and is based on my preference in eyeshadows that I am sharing with you all. 🙂

Natural Eye Palette
6-pan Shadow Palette
Inside View
Swatches (Left to Right, Top to Bottom) NOTE: Red on my hand is a stamp I can’t get off!
I don’t own a lot of e.l.f. products because of the availability in Canada. I spotted this at Zellers along with most of the rest of their Holiday Collection. I decided I would purchase one piece to test the e.l.f. line (I only own products from their Studio line thus far.) I was really drawn to the colour of these shadows as I love a neutral brown eye! This set me back $4.99 CAD which is pretty fantastically priced! Here is what I thought of the product.
– Price – $4.99 for 6 shadows!
– Colour Selection – all fairly different from each other (although it may not seem that way in the photo of the swatches, but they are!)
– Packaging – cute, simple and sturdy black case with an applicator and small mirror! Great for in your purse.
– Consistency – the first shadow was actually gritty, and not sparkle gritty, but just gritty! They also come out chalky fairly chalky.
– Variety – all are shimmer or glitter shades.
– Light shades are low-pigmentation (need to pack them on which just leads to excessive glitter!)
– Not much staying power without a primer
Overall, I will not buy again. I’m not sure I will dabble in any of e.l.f.’s shadow products if they are all like this. There are better options for not that much more money. I haven’t had great experiences with e.l.f. but I see that a lot of people love their products and wonder if I am just getting “a bad batch”? Let me know your thoughts on e.l.f. products and share your experiences and what you like about them or dislike about them! 🙂