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O.P.I. Go Goth!

“Go Goth”, Halloween Collection

Hey everyone! Here is my latest purchase and I am so excited about it! I’ve been looking at this set since it came out because I love dark polish, especially in the fall! This is a collection of 4 different dark polishes so I was sold right there! The second thing that hooked me was these sets (along with the “Swiss” collection minis) were on sale for $10.99 at London Drugs, which is a great deal considering they are regularly $16.99! This set includes Unripened, Nevermore, Sanguine and Obscurity. It also comes with this random stretchy lace “bracelet” that my cat will probably get ahold of and tear to bits. (She loves anything stretchy, especially my hair elastics…)


Another thing I loved about this kit is it has a bunch of “How-Tos” on the back for different nail art designs! This is great for people like me who want to try something new but need step by step instructions haha!


This is the first shade in the box, Unripened, and by far my favourite! The picture doesn’t do it justice but its hard to capture glitter on camera. This is a black base with green and sometimes purple glitter, depending on what kind of lighting you are in. I just love it because of the different coloured glitter! This one is definitely amazing and a great fall/winter colour!


Number one, I love purple. Number two, I love glitter. Perfect! This is the second one and is called Nevermore. Its a gorgeous blackened purple with purple glitter LOOOVVEEE!


Here is the third colour in the collection and again, another LOVE! This is such a pretty blackened red (darker than the photo shows, the flash picks up on the red not the black) and will be fantastic for christmas! I love that all these colours have a black base to them because I love dark polish! This one doesn’t contain glitter but does have a little shimmer!


“Obscurity” is right! I was so shocked when this came out matte! I haven’t owned a matte polish yet and I am so happy that there was one in this collection! This is a true black and very matte, great for anytime I think because I’m obviously an advocate of dark polish! haha I love the matte but its going to take some getting used to, I desperately want to put a top coat on it haha!

Honestly, SO happy with this set! I think its one of the best mini sets I’ve ever bought from O.P.I.! I really hope these are all available in full size still, especially Unripened, because I NEED MORE of it! If anyone knows if they are still available, or ever were, in full size let me know! 🙂