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CoverFX Clear Prep (Review)

Clear Prep

I’ve never really been one to wear a foundation primer, even though I do wear foundation almost everyday. I think its because I’ve always been disappointed with the ones I have tried and it discouraged me from trying more. I had a bad experience with Smashbox Photo Finish Primer, Tarte Clean Slate and BareMinerals Prime Time. They all either made my face break out like crazy or felt too heavy on my oily skin! I recently was given a gift card to Murale, and being the product junky I am, didn’t know what to buy because I pretty much have it all! The sales lady asked me if I had a primer and in wonderment, I said “nope lets find me one!” I was skeptical of course because of my experiences but she walked straight over to the CoverFX range and picked me out Clear Prep. Not only is this a foundation primer but also an Anti-Acne treatment (YAY!) with 1% Salicylic acid to fight breakouts at the same time! I was still a little worried it would feel heavy on my skin but when she applied it, it was so light and silky I was sold! My mom uses the Cover FX Anti-Aging primer (which I turned her on to) and loves it so I figure this would be worth a shot! Since I have got it home, I love it more and more everyday!

Texture of the Primer

As you can see (I hope! haha) the texture of this primer isn’t as thick as other silicone based primers which I really like. It absorbs really nicely and doesn’t leave any feeling on your skin so there is no heaviness or stickiness. I find this primer really does help my makeup apply smoother (by filling in pores) and last longer! I even use this when I am not wearing makeup just because of its Anti-Acne properties, and it keeps my skin matte! Which is hard to do because I have really oily skin! I don’t think I will ever be without this product now! If you have oily skin or breakout prone skin this would not only be a great primer for you but a great addition to your skin care routine to help prevent future breakouts!

Thanks for reading 🙂