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Tutorial: Stila’s Pretty in Paris Palette

Pretty in Paris

So here is number two in the Stila Travel Palettes, Pretty in Paris. I LOVE this palette, to me it is the prettiest one (yet)! This palette contains, like the others, four shadows and one convertible colour! The colours in this palette are very warm and earthy and I think they are fantastic for fall!

Paris – An inside view

Heres a view of the inside of this palette. As you can see they are all very warm and rosy colours that are perfect for fall! The colours in this palette consist of Jolie (top left), Crepe, Chocolat (bottom left) and Cherie (all french! :)) The convertible colour in this collection is a limited edition shade called Rosebud and is my favourite of all the palettes! It gives an amazing rosy, just outside glow that is what I picture when I think of fall!

Pretty in paris eye Look
In this post I opted for a muted, soft, girly look! I started with NYX Eye Primer in Nude all over. Then took the softest shade in the palette Crepe (Soft Pink Shimmer – Top left in Photo) and applied it all over my lid to the brow bone and on the inner tear duct. Next, I took a medium fluffy brush and packed on the medium shade, Cherie (brown/cherry shimmer – Top Right in Photo) up to my crease. Next, I took my contour brush and used Jolie (Burgundy/brown with Pink undertones – Bottom Right in Photo) and packed it gently into the crease to create a contour. To finish off, I took Chocolat (Chocolate Brown – Bottom Left in Photo) and used it as a liner both under and over my eyes. I didn’t wet the brush like I did in the Road to Radiance tutorial because I wanted a soft definition.  
Another view
I love this look because its so wearable for everyday! Just add a little mascara and you are good to go! This look is so great for fall with all the warm tones and burgundy shades! This is my go to right now, I feel like I’m in Paris when I use it!
I hope you enjoy this look, I really do and wear it often! 🙂

PS I should have filled in my eyebrows…haha