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Lush Haul!

Hey everyone! Long time no Blog! Well here I am to make up for it with a nice big haul! I went to Lush today to return a shaving cream that I had bought for my boyfriend (he hated it!) and ended up walking out with a bag of goodies! So heres what I picked up today!


First off I got one of my favorites, AVOBOMB! This bath bomb is actually a favourite of my boyfriends too because of its universal scent! It’s super citrus-y with lemongrass and bergamot oils, along with avocado and olive oil to nourish the skin. Whenever I use this one I feel awake and refreshed and my skin is super soft and nicely scented.

Mask of Magnaminty

Next up is Mask of Magnaminty. I actually have yet to try this mask but I usually use their other facial masks. What drew me to this one is the fact that it doesn’t need to be refrigerated (which seriously makes me forget I have them because they get pushed to the back of the fridge) and it has a much longer shelf life which is awesome because I have a bunch of masks that I alternate between depending on my skin. I will let you know how I end up liking this one but it looks good and has great ingredients for oily skin!

Too Drunk…

I love this one haha its so funny to look at! This is one of Lush’s Emotibombs which are meant to be used in the shower instead of the bath! This one is called Too Drunk… and is supposed to wake you up and revive you after a long night of partying! It smells like peppermint, fennel, lemon and orange and really does have a great aroma therapy effect! All you do with these is put them in the bottom of your shower and let the water run over them for a aromatherapy/sauna effect!

Up You Gets

This is another one of Lush’s Emotibombs and its called Up You Gets. Most of the Emotibombs are meant to invigorate and refresh you in contrast to the bath bombs that are made for relaxation. This one is fantastic and smells like intense lemon, lime, grapefruit and orange!  A surefire way to wake up in the morning! With both of the Emotibombs, I cut them up into small pieces (my shower is small) so they last longer and aren’t quite as intense!

Tea Tree Water

This is another new find for me, the Tea Tree Water toner. I regularly use their toner tabs which I make a toner out of afterwards and store in the fridge but this is a great alternative and will last longer! (If you use the water from the toner tabs you are only supposed to keep it as a toner for a week). I love the feeling it gives (tried it in the store), it tightens, absorbs oil and keeps your skin feeling fresh. I also love that it comes with a spray top so you can carry it in your purse and use it throughout the day even over makeup. This contains tea tree oil and grapefruit extracts to fight oiliness and breakouts!

Big Blue

My boyfriends all time favourite bath bomb that I’m sure he would use four at a time of! This is Big Blue and it has lemon and lavender oil that smell SO amazing! The best part about this bath bomb is that it actually makes your bath look like the ocean! It turns the water bright blue, has sea salt on top and pieces of sea weed through out! Its an amazing experience and one of my favourites too! (By the way, seaweed is great for your skin for softening and nutrients!)

Creamy Candy

I love bubbles in my bath so bubble bars are one of my favourite things from Lush! This one is called Creamy Candy and smells just like that! It has vanilla, cocoa butter and almond oil to make an amazing scent and super rich and hydrating bubbles! (which is rare because usually bubble baths are kind of drying on my skin) I love these because they last a super long time you just crumble a little bit into the bath and you get a huge amount of bubbles! Highly recommend any of the bubble bars!

Dark Angels

I really enjoy Lush’s face washes because they are so different and effective! This one is new for me but I love Coalface and this one also has coal in it. If you are familiar with Lush this is a combination of Angels on Bare Skin and Coal face so it provides the scrubby effect of Angels as well as the poor tightening, oil zapping effects of Coal! I notice an insane difference in my skin after using the Coal face my pores honestly almost disappear and my skin stays matte for hours! I have never had that effect with any other cleanser (or cream or treatment or ANYTHING!) If your an oily skin girl, try this or Coal Face out!

Butter Ball

Butterball! I got two of these because they are my favourite! They honestly provide as much hydration as body lotion without having to use anything after your bath! Once you plop this in you can actually see the oils forming on the surface from the cocoa butter chunks throughout the bomb! It also has a great light scent that isn’t overpowering (vanilla and musk) and makes it good for male use too! (Another one of my boyfriends faves!)


LIMITED EDITION! Lush’s holiday collection is already out which is awesome because it has some of my favorites! This one is Cinder and has pop rocks in it to provide the real effect of a crackling fire (hence the name Cinder!) This bomb is spicy and cinnamon-y to give you that real holiday warmth! I haven’t used one of these yet but it also has almond oil in it to hydrate so I’m really looking forward to it!


I’m not sure if this one is limited edition or not but I really hope it isn’t because it is probably the best smelling bath bomb Lush has by far! This one is called Twilight (I’m assuming for the movie or because it makes you go to sleep!) and is scented with lavender and Tonka bean! Tonka bean is sort of sweet and vanilla like. This bomb relaxes and soothes and is a fantastic one to use right before bed after a long day!

Last but not least I picked up a Honey I washed the Kids soap! This is one of their best sellers because it has a completely unisex scent and is super gentle so the whole family can use it! It hydrates and doesn’t leave my skin feeling tight like most soaps can and lasts a long time if you keep it out of the water flow or in one of Lush’s metal containers (if it fits)!
Thats it! (actually I got another Limited Edition Bath Bomb but the picture didn’t load, its So White and looks like Butter Ball but is scented with apple (very yummy!)) Let me know what you love from Lush, I’m obviously an addict! Enjoy!