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CBB GUEST POST: Pretty Pastels by Sarah from Workday Ramblings

Hello, I’m Sarah from Workaday Ramblings. Shaylee was kind enough to let me take over today and share a pastel look today as part of the Canadian Beauty Blogger guest post series. I usually choose bright and bold colours, with a love of jewel tones, but pastel shades can still offer a colourful look, just
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SW Basics Cleanser

S.W. Basics Cleanser – The Simplest Way to Clean Skin

  Hey everyone! Phew, it’s been a busy week but I’m back at it and blogging up a storm! Today I wanted to share with you one of my most recent and favourite finds from my Petit Vour subscription box. I was introduced to this interesting & intriguing cleanser last October in the Petit Vour
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My Go-To’s for a Believable Faux Glow with Clarins Radiance Plus Golden Glow Booster

Hey everyone! Let me start by saying, I am pale. Not that pretty, “alabaster-porcelain type skin” pale, the kind where unless I’m wearing bronzer and blush, everyone thinks I’m sick, or tired, or a zombie. Coupled with my dark hair and eyebrows, it’s a recipe for disaster unless I have the right products to help out!
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