My Go-To’s for a Believable Faux Glow with Clarins Radiance Plus Golden Glow Booster

Hey everyone! Let me start by saying, I am pale. Not that pretty, “alabaster-porcelain type skin” pale, the kind where unless I’m wearing bronzer and blush, everyone thinks I’m sick, or tired, or a zombie. Coupled with my dark hair and eyebrows, it’s a recipe for disaster unless I have the right products to help out!
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Top Three Hydrating Masks

Top Three – Moisturizing Masks

  Welcome back to Top Three Tuesdays! With the changing weather, I find my skin is drier than ever. Even though the sun is now shining and we have had days of 18º+, my skin is still dehydrated, so I’ve been on the hunt for anything that will hydrate and plump up my parched skin.
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Indie Lee Cleanser & Toner

Indie Lee Cleansing Routine

  Hey everyone! Today I want to talk about the much overlooked cleansing routine! If you’re like me, you may not put much thought into your cleanser and toner, instead you focus on serums, moisturizers, masks and treatments to be the powerhouses of your skin care routine. I’ve always been one to reach for whatever cleanser
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